Confused about gear cutting, gear manufacturing and precision engineering?Let us help by making your gears our concern


Specialist Gear Cutting and Gear Manufacturing

We have a team of expert engineers and machinists ready to undertake all of your Gear cutting, gear manufacturing, CNC machining and precision projects.

We cut cog, gear and spline teeth on wheels and shafts. These can be either external and internal spur type gears and cogs, as well as helical gears and cogs that may include internal and external splines.

We also provide a complete manufacturing facility, which would include material procurement, machining, gear cutting, cog manufacturing, keyway cutting, heat treatment and final grinding. We extensive experience in the mining, rubber, paper, printing, crane and material handling industries both in Australia and internationally.

There is an infinite variation of gears and gear teeth, so it is impossible to cover all eventualities on our website. Therefore we encourage you to speak to our friendly team if you have any questions about gear manufacturing, CNC machining or precision engineering and let us demystify this complex engineering topic for you. Simply forget about your headaches and

Make your gears our concern.

We are expert gear cutters and gear manufacturers of precision gears and gear shafts to your exact requirements using the latest CNC machining methods to produce precision components to your exact requirements.

Our gear cutting covers a wide range of spur gears, helical gears, internal gears, worm wheels and worms, bevel gears, splined shafts and splined hubs, sprockets, planetary gears, ring gears and pinion gears.

Gear materials vary with each application and alloy steels,non ferrous metal and plastic gears are gear cut to ensure they are fit for purpose for your intended application.

Many of our customers choose us because a machine has broken down and requires a replacement gear or other precision component manufactured. We know time is money so we provide customers faced with breakdowns a fully customised precision gear solution with rapid turnaround times at affordable pricing.

Please download our Gear Manufacturer checklist to learn how to specify your requirements to a gear manufacturer with confidence. You may also wish to refer to our handy gear calculator


“I have been using Gear Concern for over 5 years and they have manufactured hundreds of precision splined components for me. The quality, service, reliability and turnaround has been has been first class, they helped me solve my problems and exceeded my expectations. During this time, they’ve continued to invest in new equipment and my parts now arrive even faster! Not only that, they are great people as well, someone you can trust. If you need custom gears or other precision components manufactured to your exact requirements, forget the rest, make your gears their concern!"

Rod Webster, Vehicle Modifications Network