Gear Cutting Solutions

Our gear cutting solutions include gear and cog manufacturing, gear hobbing, gear planning, gear shaping, gear milling, gear profiling and gear grinding.

We cut spur gears, helical gears, internal gears, gear clusters, partial gears, gear quadrants, bevel gears, timing gears, planetary gears, ring gears, sun gears, gear cogs, sprockets, split gears and gear couplings.
Splined shafts, splined bushes, splined couplings and splined hubs are also cut.

All gears and splines may be cut with 14.5° Pa, 20°Pa, 25°Pa, 27.5°Pa, 30°Pa and 45°Pa cutters.

We cater for all industrial gears, mining gears, printing gears, machine tool gears, crane gears, agricultural gears and some automotive gears.

Our gears are cut to DIN, JIS, SAE and ANSI standards.